3 Websites That Help Programmers Work

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2 min readNov 29, 2021

Check out a website that really helps a programmer get to work.

When working on an application, a programmer usually encounters obstacles. Some of the obstacles found will definitely confuse a programmer and require a place to ask questions. Therefore, there are several websites that can help a programmer work to solve the problem.

Websites that support a programmer are usually also a place to chat with fellow programmers. Like talking about the best solution to a problem that one of the programmers is having. Other programmers will give each other answers that can help or offer various solutions.

In addition, websites that support the work of programmers can also be used as a place for team collaboration in an application project. Folders and files that have been worked on can be viewed by co-programmers so that the same stack of files does not appear, because if there are the same files or folders, it will take up storage space. It is feared because it will slow down the application.

The following websites that help programmers work are:


GitHub is a website that can be used as a place of collaboration for a team of programmers to work on an application. It can be said that the core platform is a management project because as mentioned before, it can be used as a place for collaboration. Programmers can upload the results of their work to GitHub and save them.


StackOverflow is a website that becomes a question and answers for programmers, both senior programmers, junior programmers, and programmers. If a programmer can not find a way to work on a program, they will usually ask questions about StackOverflow and wait for answers from other programmers.


Quora is a website or question-and-answer platform for any field, including programming issues. Although this site is not specifically for a programmer, it does not exclude the possibility of helping programmers solve their problems and get the answers they are looking for.

The three sites mentioned above are the most popular used to help programmers complete their work. If a programmer is very determined to solve the problem, they will usually look for the answer on one of the three mentioned websites.

There are still many sites that are not much different from the three sites mentioned. A website that is a place for questions and answers can be a place for gathering knowledge that can increase knowledge. This platform is very useful for people who are looking for the answers they are looking for.



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