4 Digital Talent Management Frameworks that you need to know

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4 min readNov 29, 2021
4 Digital Talent Framework

Regarding recent issues, Digital Talent is very popular with companies because a business today is related to the world of technology, starting from the marketing division and even HRD must be literate in the world of technology. This article will discuss the Digital Talent Management Framework from the meaning of why we need digital talent management and its benefits.

What is Digital Talent Management Framework?

Digital Talent Management is a concept designed to fulfill the competence of a company or organization in achieving the desired goals. This goal is to create an efficient work system in collecting these Human Resources.

This Digital Talent Management Framework must be aligned and aligned between the company’s vision and mission. What objectives do the company want and what are the criteria for the desired employee candidates so that by carrying out a process like this HRD will know more about the general needs of the candidate desired by the company from skills, attitudes or other milestones.

Why do you really need Digital Talent Management?

The biggest capital invested by the company is usually financial. However, it is important to know that to become a stable company, Human Resources are also very crucial.

Results from a survey by McKinsey highlight the real value that talent management has on achieving business goals. According to these results, organisations with effective talent management systems are better poised to outperform their competitors with publicly-owned organisations in this category being more likely to deliver higher returns to its shareholders.

So to review digital talent management, we don’t necessarily have to do requirements, but we always aim at things that have a significant impact, namely to encourage our employees to hone their abilities.


To find candidates who match what the company wants. The task of Human Resources is how to get potential employees from the company’s requirements. Currently, there are many companies that use modern recruitment software to help HRD to more easily find and organize prospective employees who match the criteria desired by the company.

Corporate Learning

It is undeniable that the more here the company will grow, in essence the company wants to do the best for its employees as well as employees must be able to make a better contribution to the company. Usually what companies do to optimize their employees is by providing training.

Training and education to support employee development. That way they can implement or be more attractive in doing work. This is shown as a symbiotic mutualism where both are mutually beneficial to each other.

Performance Management

In the past, several companies implemented a system review to assess their employees, such as whether their performance was in line with the target and could be used as a parameter to survive or get a promotion.

Modern performance reviews are completely different. Employees are reviewed continuously, but not directly. Group training sessions, and workshops are often designed to bring out the best in employees. In this model, employees are created by the work environment, where teamwork plays an important role.

Compensation Management

How do you reward your best employees? How do you manage bonuses and prizes? These are just a couple of questions that most managers had on their mind at least once.

You’d be surprised, but many managers or HR departments use Microsoft Excel or similar tools to handle their reward system. Sure, it does work if you only have a handful of employees, but it becomes problematic for larger organizations. Spreadsheets are now increasingly becoming obsolete when it comes to compensation management. Modern compensation management deals with financial, non-financial incentives and benefits to attract new recruits, boost performance and increase employee engagement in the workplace.

Specialized software for compensation management links employee performance metrics with a reward or benefit system. Software automates an otherwise highly time consuming process (data entry, review management, task management and so on). Compensation management software uses multiple elements and factors to determine the reward for your employees and automates the process entirely. Your company will have a strong pay-for-performance environment, where success and skill is objectively rewarded in a fair employee incentive plan. This will help you increase engagement, retain your top talent, empower managers to make decisions and mitigate risks.

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