5 Advanced Technology of the Future

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2 min readAug 2, 2021

Technology will continue to grow and grow rapidly. The main goal of technological development is usually to make human life easier. But in its development, many positions that were originally able to be done by humans have been shifted to using equipment from technological innovations.

Technological development will continue to be rapid along with human needs. Planning may be tried years in advance and creatively innovate.

Here is some cutting-edge technology that can take over the human position:

Advanced Nano Technology
Currently, nanotechnology has been widely known and used for various innovations. From the world of medicine, informatics, PC to the world of beauty using nanotechnology. This technology uses an innovation of very small dimensions and almost atomic dimensions.

This laundroid can help with household chores that will save energy. With this advanced technology equipment, washing and ironing clothes are done instantly and easily. Laundroid is a robot that was created to be able to wash clothes and produce in a folded form.

Mind Reading Equipment
This equipment is used for PCs that will take over the functions of the hands and fingers. Generally, to carry out the process on a PC, you must press certain keys on the keyboard. But with the latest technology, you don’t have to be tired of pressing the keyboard buttons. When operating a PC, you only use your mind.

Generally, hologram technology is the animation that can be seen in films. If you have time to watch Star Wars, you can see hologram technology. This technology is a 3-dimensional communication tool that seems to introduce the caller in front of him. So when calling, it’s as if they are face to face and connected.

Quantum PC
The PC, which is innovated with more advanced technology, uses the phenomena of quantum mechanics in its operation. All operations can be tested faster and information is more securely protected. The world of medicine, banking, business to the weather and natural indications can use this quantum PC.

The advanced technology that is growing today is being innovated to make human work easier. But there is another consequence of the creation of this new and advanced technology is to shift the role of humans. Even so, technological innovation is always needed for a better human life.



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