6 Software House Services You Need to Know

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3 min readNov 19, 2021


What is a Software House?

Software House is a company that provides services in the field of website and application development. Software house companies provide software or provide services to companies to make it easier for companies that need the software to operate. Software houses usually make software according to customer requests such as software for an office or a company.

Some examples of big software house companies in the world such as Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Salesforce, Adobe, VMware. In Indonesia, one of them is Sagara Technology. In addition, some of the services provided by the Software House company for the needs of a company are:

1. Website

Website creation is one of the popular services of the Software House company, especially for the administration and business needs of a company. A website on a company can be a profile of a company and usually the more unique the website, the easier it will be to recognize. Websites can also be a medium of sales and marketing.

2. Mobile Application

Usually, companies have their applications to make the work of their workers easier. The mobile application is very easy because it is enough of a mobile phone that it can be used immediately. The platforms commonly used for mobile applications are Android and iOS.

3. Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality (AR) is widely used in mobile applications. AR is a technology that combines the physical with the digital. Currently, it is widely used because it is very easy in terms of work and daily life. AR also combines two or three dimensions and is a virtual projection in real-time.

4. UX Design

Providing a good user experience is also very necessary. The experience when opening a website or mobile application can also be felt. When the existing features create satisfaction for the user, it can be said that the website or mobile application has a good UX. Then for UX design, the user will usually be asked what the user likes.

5. UI Design

The purpose of UI design is more towards the appearance of web pages and mobile applications. The more friendly and easy to use, the UI design belongs to a good category. UI can be categorized into design and design, such as creating a wireframe, mockup, and designing PSD.

6. SEO

SEO is also important. Using SEO can make a website better known or it can be the top 3 in a search engine. SEO is usually there to increase visitors to a website. So that more and more people can visit and see later, it is possible that anyone who might feel something is needed from the site could be a good deal.

We can see from the services provided by the Software House company, it can help a job. such as office work, business, administration, finance, accounting, management, or for our daily lives. Software House can be tailored to the needs of a company. Of course, companies that use Software House services can invest in software in their own company.



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