Artificial Intelligence in The World of Digital Marketing

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2 min readJul 22, 2021

Artificial intelligence is currently being implemented in various sectors of human life. This includes the world of digital marketing. So what are the effects of AI in digital marketing, let’s check below :

Auto Answer System / Chatbot

What happens if our customers send messages when we are busy with other business? This will make our customers feel neglected and of course, make our customers run, right? We can see the chatbot system from Gmail and WhatsApp business. We can control what messages will be sent to our customers.

Broader and More Effective Marketing Reach

A common mistake in marketing products is that we don’t promote the product according to our target product, which is needed by anyone. In AI, we can set the target range of our products such as age, customer area, reach area, customer interest, and so on. Surely this is much more effective, right?

Monitoring Sales Periodically and Valid

The online stores that we use already provide data features for our product sales information, which are usually in the form of tables or graphs. This data is obtained from the results of our transactions with buyers, the number of times our products are viewed, and the number of times our shop is visited. This we can use to analyze our sales to take the right steps in increasing our sales.

Audio Visual Search Technology

What if we / the buyer forgets the name of the product you want to find? or don’t even know the name at all? Don’t worry, now we can do a visual search by dragging the product image/photo that we want to search on google image search. Or are we lazy to type the name of the product that we want to find? We can use hello google and say the name of the product we are looking for.

Effectiveness of Information Storage and Search History

Our information data will be stored in the digital cloud. This will make data stored in a lifetime and there is no need to be afraid of the data is lost such as when storing data in internal storage. We can also access this data anytime and anywhere.

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