Devi Oktaviani, an Important Figure Behind Sagara Technology’s Rapid Development

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Source: Sagara Technology

Sagara Technology is a global IT solutions provider. One of The Largest IT Outsourcing and Project Firms in Indonesia for supporting the biggest oil and gas company, bank, and some notable startups in Indonesia. Sagara has developed and launched over 100 websites and more than 50 mobile applications for its clients, such as Ruangguru and Qlue. Sagara has also assisted several Ministries, such as the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Transportation and Transportation, and Ministry of Health.

After focusing on developing startups in Indonesia, in 2019, Sagara concentrated on helping the largest fintechs in Indonesia and has collaborated with more than 25+ projects with the largest banks in Indonesia.

“Sagara Technology’s expertise covers digital supply chain such as IT solution design, API integration, and digital product development, so it is suitable for businesses of all sizes that need end-to-end solutions. We continue to maintain the best quality of service and strong collaboration with clients,” said Devi.

Who are the figures behind Sagara Technology’s success?

Behind Sagara Technology’s success is an extraordinary figure, Devi Oktaviani, who was appointed as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at a young age. Devi is an IT enthusiast from the Telkom University Informatics department. Pioneering her career from the bottom, Devi initially joined Sagara Technology as a freelance System Analyst designing for client projects. Thanks to her skills, Devi was appointed as a permanent employee. Seeing her potential, dedication, and high integrity, Devi was placed in the Project Manager team to deal with clients directly.

Within a short period, Devi was appointed Head of Project Manager, overseeing more than five project managers and still participating in project work. Most of the projects held by Devi ran smoothly, and managed to maintain cooperation with clients. After almost two years of working together to build Sagara Technology, to the management team’s persistence, hard work, dedication, and trust, in 2023, Devi was appointed as the new CEO of Sagara Technology.

Source: Sagara Technology

“I wouldn’t be at this stage if it wasn’t for the Sagara Technology team. Strong cooperation and full support make me even more motivated to provide better changes for the company,” said Devi Oktaviani, CEO of Sagara Technology.

Source: Sagara Technology

So far, Devi has managed more than 20+ projects with Sagara Technology. With a track record of successfully managing over 20+ projects at Sagara Technology, software project management has become Devi’s forte. Devi’s vision is about managing projects, transforming businesses, and turning ideas into reality.

Today, Sagara Technology has committed to several international digital projects, including clients from Southeast Asia, Australia, and Saudi Arabia. Looking into more markets, Sagara strives to achieve global awareness, utilizing Hong Kong, Japan, and the United States.

Leading Innovation: How Sagara Technology Utilizes AI

Microsoft Indonesia’s Director of Marketing and Operations said, “AI technology will allow us to focus on work that requires creativity, resulting in more innovation.” Vice President of Cloud AI and Industry Solutions, Google Cloud, also said, “We have reached the AI tipping point. Whether we realize it or not, we use AI-powered applications daily. Social media platforms, voice assistants, and driving services are easy examples.”

The statement underscores how evolving AI technology can liberate the human workforce from routine and repetitive tasks, allowing them to focus more on their business’s creative and innovative aspects. This aligns with Sagara Technology, which is committed to helping client businesses keep up with the latest technology trends, including utilizing next-generation AI.

Indonesia’s Tech Workforce Emergency

According to Devi, the urgent demand for information technology experts in various industry sectors has been the main driver in the creation of Sagara Technology. The company has a vision to become the leading platform in providing IT outsourcing solutions in Indonesia. This aligns with what Minister of State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) Erick Thohir said: “In today’s digital era, Indonesia needs 17 million workers with qualified technology skills.” He added, “Economic growth should not only rely on natural resources but must be strengthened by a knowledge-based economy that grows from the results of innovation or our capabilities to boost the economic conditions themselves.”

There is still a gap in the shortage of IT workers, which results in many companies preferring to use freelance workers or recruit IT workers from abroad with an IT outsourcing scheme. Devi said that the urgent demand for experts in the field of information technology in various industrial sectors has encouraged the presence of Sagara Technology to become the leading platform for outsourced IT solution providers in Indonesia.

Sagara Technology collaborates with Telkom University to overcome this gap through a Sagara Campus Connect initiative. This collaboration aims to improve the competency of digital talents from one of the leading IT universities so that they are ready to compete at the global professional level, including by strengthening the English language skills of digital talents who work at Sagara Technology. This also includes supporting the English language skills of digital talents, an essential skill in the global professional world, especially in the context of UIUX (User Interface/User Experience), which is an integral part of the IT industry.

“In the future, we plan to strengthen the Sagara Technology team by adding more than 1,000 developers. We also target the company’s cash flow and revenue growth to be 5–10 times higher than the previous year. With this ambitious mission, we want to fully contribute to Indonesia’s progress in the digital economy era,” said Devi.

All these efforts reflect a solid contribution to Indonesia’s digital economy’s progress. Sagara Technology is firmly determined to ensure that Indonesia has qualified digital talents. It focuses on developing the best digital talents (Indonesia Digital Talent) and improving the quality of UI/UX services to become a reliable company providing superior IT solutions.



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