Get on First Page Google: How to Optimize Websites to Become SEO Friendly?

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Why is the First Page of Google So Important? When some Google searches provide dozens of pages of results, getting your website to appear on the second or third page might seem good enough. However, there are some reasons why we need to focus on the first page specifically.

  • Outstanding Click-Through Rates. The click-through rate, or CTR, measures the percentage of people who click on the link to your website when they see it. The first five organic results have a CTR that ranges from 7.5% to 34%. From the second page onwards, though, the CTR could fall to 0.5% or lower. The higher you rank, the higher you can expect your CTR to be.
  • Excellent Exposure. Google’s Snippet feature displays chunks of text from top-ranking websites right at the top of the search results page. If your website is featured in this prominent spot, it will be impossible for searchers to miss. Your site will also immediately gain more credibility since the placement implies it has authoritative and reliable information.
  • Higher Traffic. Website traffic refers to the number of visitors a site receives. The sites on the first page of Google’s results receive 71% of all search traffic on this engine, so securing a high rank will also win you more page visits.

There are many factors in increasing website ranking, it takes many ways to optimize the maximum website in order to compete on page one on Google. So what is the key to Website loading Faster & SEO Friendly? There are some SEO techniques as ways to make your websites have good rankings. Here’s the tips for you.

1. Always Prioritize to improve Mobile View

Google Mobile First Index requires us to optimize the website by prioritizing the mobile version. Google Mobile First Index is Google’s way of crawling or indexing prioritizes the mobile display version of a website for ranking. With the Google Mobile First Index, the mobile version of a website must be considered and optimized as well as possible. Also, Google prioritizes the performance value of a website from crawling the mobile version of the website. The poor performance value of the mobile version of the website will affect SEO and of course website ranking. So, how to optimize the mobile version of the website?

  1. Use responsive & Mobile Friendly themes, Currently most wordpress themes are mobile friendly and responsive. You can test the mobile version of the website through the Mobile Friendly Test.
  2. Make mobile design a priority.
  3. Increase wordpress speed, Speed is the main problem in website optimization. Based on a survey conducted by Google, 53 percent of Indonesian internet users will leave a website that loads more than 3 seconds. Therefore, Google recommends a website speed of under 3 seconds, and a maximum of 5 seconds. So take some time to optimize website speed. You can do a website speed test on the Google website.
  4. Use the help of a wordpress plugin, there are lots of wordpress plugins that help optimize the mobile version of the website. These plugins are like Jetpack by WordPress, AMP for WP, Cache Plugin, etc.

2. SEO Technical Optimization

You must understand the technical basics of SEO. Here’s How to Optimize Website SEO Techniques:

  1. Make sure your site qualifies as mobile-friendly.
  2. Check the status code error and fix it, do a code error check on the website, The existence of a status code error can affect the website’s SEO, Once you find a status code error you can make improvements to your website.
  3. Check robot.txt on site, Make sure there are no errors and no meta blocking google bots. Also do robot.txt optimization if needed.
  4. Check Your Website Index Performance. You can check through Google Search Console. Check and Fix the problems found, Then perform the necessary website optimization.
  5. Perform Website Audit, Check your website traffic statistics in Google Analytics. Show to improve or improve bad content. You can see the visitor’s visiting time, duration, bounce rate of your website. Then do an audit of all the data you collect through Google Analytics.
  6. Fix broken links, broken links have an impact on SEO and website rankings. There are many sites that provide a special page to search for broken links. After that, fix or delete broken links on your website.
  7. Submit Sitemap on google search console. By submitting a sitemap it will be useful to encourage the index of the latest posts on the website.

You can check more information here

3. Optimize Website Speed

Page speed has a direct impact on traffic and conversions. Thus, slow website speed will affect bad visitor experience. That’s why Google considers page speed as a ranking factor. How to Optimize Website Speed?, here’s the tips:

  1. Use the Right Hosting, choose the Best Hosting that can make your website faster.
  2. Minimize HTTP requests for various pages such as scripts, images, and CSS.
  3. Minify File, Reducing file size in the sense of compressing files or reducing the size of existing files such as CSS, JS, HTML, Images, etc. Minifying files have a huge impact on website speed.
  4. Use a Caching Plugin, website caching is needed. To increase optimal website speed, you can use a caching plugin.
  5. Using a CDN, CDN or Content Delivery Network really helps optimize website speed for visitors from different regions with server locations. By using a CDN your website visitors who are far from the server are still fast in accessing your website. That’s why CDN is very helpful in Website Optimization.

4. Install Schema Markup

Schema Markup is a code to distinguish the types of pages on a website. Schema markup is very important in website optimization. Schema markup types for websites, such as: People, Products, Articles, Reviews, Recipes, Events, etc.

  1. Recipes, Recipe Schema is devoted to recipe posts. By using this schema, your website posts will display a different look in Google search results. A thumbnail and description will appear in the search results, This will increase the CTR of the Website.
  2. Event, Event Schema is specifically for posting event events. When you use the event schema, your posting results in the search will display information about the time and place of the event.
  3. Articles, Article Schema are the same as standard website posts, but when you use a schema there will be something different in the search results.
  4. Review, Schema Review is devoted to posting about reviews, whether product reviews, service reviews or other reviews. When you use a schema review, the results of your posts in search will bring up reviews from customers and will even bring up ratings on your posts.
  5. People, People Schema is specifically for those of you who want to display biodata, this Schema will display biodata in search results.

5. User Experience

To optimize a website in user experience is not so difficult, as long as you understand what visitors need when they come to your website.

  • Useful for Users, Surely a user comes to your website looking for information, So make your website provide something that is needed by users/visitors.
  • Credible Website, Make your website credible, have quality and can be trusted by users/visitors.
  • Attractive Website, your website has more value in appearance, both in terms of the appearance of the desktop version and the mobile version.
  • Easy Navigation makes it easier for visitors to find information on your website. Navigation will help users to search deeper for the required information.

6. Start a Link Building Campaign

BackLinks have been one of the top ranking factors to compete in page one google. Therefore link building is still needed in website optimization.

  1. Guest Post, Guest posting is one of the easiest link building strategies. With this strategy you can control your site’s backlinks, so there are no spam backlinks to your site that can have a bad impact.
  2. Skyscraper technique, this technique is quite easy to do, basically a technique that aims to turn content into high-quality backlinks. You simply create content that is better than the rest and reach the right people. You can get this information on the backlinko site.
  3. Web 2.0 Post, you can use web 2.0 as a backlink, the most popular Web 2.0 include, and many more web 2.0 that you can use as backlinks.
  4. Backlink Profile, Most profile backlinks come from forums, you just have to register in a forum that can provide your profile providing a link on the website. How to optimize the website with this is not so good, it’s better to create a profile backlink naturally, not spam.
  5. Content Sharing Platform, Lots of content sharing that can be used as website optimization with link building, such as Medium, Reddit, Slideshare,, Kompasiana, etc.

Those are some ways of website optimization that you can do to increase the authority and ranking of your website. There are so many ways to optimize website SEO, but in major terms the points above are the right way.



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