How to Become an UX Designer in Mobile Apps

With agile, the design and development process is done “small” and iterative. This provides many benefits. To become a UX designer in an agile project, there are several things to consider, including:

1. Good communication on application development
2. Start designing before mobile application development begins
3. Keep doing user research while running agile in application development
4. Work with the mobile developer team and others on application development
5. Knowing some technical things as a UX designer to support development

Good Communication on Application Development

Maintain good communication with all team members, such as product owners, developers, clients, to end-users, so that everything needed and the details of the work are clear. This communication is also necessary so that there are no misunderstandings between team members.

Start Designing Before Mobile Application Development Begins

The design process can start 1–2 sprints before the mobile application development begins. This is so that all aspects have a clear shadow from the start. Better yet, do the Design Thinking or Discovery & Co-Creation stage before mobile application development or other development. With this process, the problems that need to be solved with the application will be clearer and well prepared, and effective. GITS Indonesia also opens Discovery Co-Creation services for pre-development.

Keep Doing User Research While Running Agile in Application Development

Even though the timeline of work when agile feels congested, user research is important. Ideally, once every two weeks. This is so that the application does not develop in a direction that is less appropriate for the user or can be difficult to use by the target user. However, these things can actually also be minimized by carrying out the Design Co-Creation stage in pre-development.

Working with the Mobile Developer Team and Others on Mobile Application Development

“Together” here means communicating design ideas with the team (product owner, developer, and others). UX designers need to do this because there may be different views or other ideas that can be applied.

Knowing some technical things as a UX designer to support development

For UI designers and UX designers, knowing the components that developers usually use in their code can help designers understand the boundaries and designs that can be realized.



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