SEO Tools You Might Want to Know for Auditing Your Web

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2 min readAug 23, 2021

SEO tools provide you to do keyword research and analysis. The best tools also provide reports about your competitor’s data, pretty interesting right?. It also allows you to measure search performance in countries, regions, or languages.

Many SEO practitioners with multiple websites still utilize the old fashion way which is they put a lot of data in spreadsheets and analyzing it manually. But that way becomes overwhelming and raises the risk of the reports being inaccurate. Fortunately, you can use SEO software to save hours of effort and generate accurate reports at a click. Here are. In this article, we’ll discuss “best tools for SEO” and here is the list:

SEO Tools #1 Ahrefs

Ahrefs is one of the most well-known toolsets for backlinks, SEO analysis, and competitor analysis. With this tool, you can able to audit your websites and competitor website to see how healthy is your website. Ahrefs can also give you suggestions on how you fix the technical issues. This tool also allows you to see your keyword ranking as well as your overall backlink profile.

SEO Tools #2 Screaming Frogs

Screaming Frog SEO Crawler is a small desktop tool you can use on your desktop. It crawls a websites’ links, images, CSS, etc from an SEO perspective. It basically tells you what a search spider would see when it crawls your website. This tool is very useful and also it’s free to use.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console gives you a perspective of what the most used search engine thinks of your website. You can use it to check and fix technical issues on your website. Google Search Console is a wealth of information for websites of all kinds, It can help you identify the search query that people are using to find your site as well as analyze important metrics like your rank in Google search results page, clicks, and impressions.

Google Page Speed Insight

Google page speed insight is a tool from Google to measure and increase your sites speed performance on mobile and desktop devices. It tells you exactly how fast it takes to load the site according to different metrics, and also suggests areas for improvement. Put in mind that page speed is matters because it affects SEO performance (one of the ranking factors) from two different perspectives: site speed and user experience. The page speed score report is based on the lab data analyzed by Google Lighthouse. Read more here



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