How to Become a Software Developer without An IT Degree

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Software Developer
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Interested in a career in a technology company? A Software developer can be one of the careers options in a technology company. A software developer is a person who designs software. They use programming skills to create software and update existing applications. If you like the technology industry and can think creatively to solve problems, maybe being a software developer is the right job for you.

In this digital era, the use of applications is very necessary. The use of applications can increase the effectiveness of work operations. So, the role of a Software Developer is needed in this digital era. The following are tips for becoming an application developer :

1. Join a Bootcamp

The first way to become a software developer without a degree is to join a Bootcamp. Currently, many boot camps offer intensive classes. In the intensive class, you can learn structurally and systematically about competencies related to a software developer. You can learn both in theory and practice. Usually, the Bootcamp program lasts between 3–6 months. Some boot camps even offer job connectors for their students.

2. Take an internship

After attending a Bootcamp to learn technical things related to a software developer. The next step is to take part in an internship. You take an internship so that you can put what you have learned into practice. In addition, participating in an internship can add to your portfolio. This is a positive point to make it easier to get a job.

3. Join the community

You can join the community so you can learn from other members. By joining a community, you can expand your network of friends. Thus, it can increase the chances of getting a job. There are many communities you can join. If an online community, you can follow the community on Facebook, Discord, and other online groups.

4. Apply for a job

The last steps after you study and have a portfolio. You can try to apply for a job. Make sure you put a good resume and portfolio.

Those are 4 ways to become a software developer without an IT degree. Jobs as a software developer will always evolve. Make sure you are always learning, so you can keep up with its development.



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